Terms of Service

Pintsize Theatre Ltd
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Email: ian@pintsizetheatre.co.uk
CHARITY NO: 1142448



Pintsize Theatre Ltd agrees to provide its subscriber-only ‘Pintsize Podcast’ service in perpetuity, at no cost to the school or staff members joining it. on the following basis (see below). Please note: on joining as a subscriber, a suggested one off voluntary contribution to our charity of £295 per secondary school and £95 per primary school would be extremely welcome and helpful. This donation is, however, entirely voluntary and access will be given regardless of whether or not a school wishes to financially support our work. We sincerely hope that all schools will make this voluntary donation to our charity, on joining the service. Once lifetime access to ‘Pintsize Podcasts’ has been granted by the Pintsize Theatre Administrator, the relevant subscriber/teacher/facilitator should:

  1. Prepare for delivery of the resource to young people, by either reading the relevant online script and/or by listening to the relevant podcast in its entirety, prior to use with young people. Particular attention should be paid to how each individual podcast and resource-pack supports DfE guidelines in relation to RSE and PHSE; the ‘Best Practice Guide’ should be read (see here and also in all Resource Packs) prior to delivery.
  2. Make any adjustments in terms of podcast or resource pack delivery which are deemed appropriate in relation to the age and needs of the intended audience (see ‘Best Practice Guide’ guide)
  3. Ensure that teaching staff are actively present during the podcast delivery and that they do not take the opportunity to complete administrative tasks or lesson preparation and marking while the podcast is underway.
  4. Ensure that the podcast is streamed using good quality speakers or, if appropriate, headphones to ensure all aspects of the podcast are heard and registered.
  5. Integrate the Resource Pack, if judged appropriate, into ongoing work.
  6. Fill in the relevant staff/student response sheets (see website) to the relevant podcast and send them back within 3 weeks of podcast delivery.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: disclosures may occur on listening to this resource. Subscriber venues and podcast users should be made aware of and be ready to act on, relevant ‘in house’ safeguarding protocols, prior to and after, delivery.
  8. This is a subscriber-only service, © Pintsize Theatre Ltd. Sharing of this resource with non-subscribing venues/individuals without the charity’s consent is strictly prohibited. Please note, however, that all parent/carers at your venue will be granted full and free access to our website, on request.
  9. If the subscribing school wishes to make a voluntary donation to our charity, please contact our charity manager Ian Court at ian@pintsizetheatre.co.uk to receive BACS details.Cheques should be made out to ‘Pintsize Theatre Ltd’ and sent to the address below.  All donations are non-returnable. Access to podcast services will be activated for all schools wishing to join our subscriber service, on application - all donations from schools are voluntary.

If the above conditions are met, Pintsize Theatre Ltd agrees to the following:

To provide access to the chosen Membership Plan on the ‘Pintsize Podcasts’ at the agreed cost, in perpetuity. Please tick the relevant box when signing up to the Membership Plan to indicate that the terms of service are accepted, and  understood.


Pintsize Theatre Ltd.
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