Pintsize Podcasts

Over the 2020/2021 academic year, Nottingham’s award winning Pintsize Theatre will be developing a new, innovative delivery format, in order to ensure that the charity can extend its support for the RSE and PHSCE curricula across schools, colleges and alternative education venues, in our area and beyond.

Over the summer break of 2020 we have created four professional 'broadcast standard' podcast/ audio versions of our most popular existing workshops/plays, which can be utilized with ease, within individual classes, in lesson times, as and when staff wish. These podcasts are set up to facilitate the same level of discussion and reflection on RSE and PHSCE issues, as the original live action workshops. Each podcast is interactive throughout, at critical moments in the narrative, to allow for discussion of the issues raised and each is supported, as usual, by bespoke classroom resources.

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Please access this sample of the first 7 minutes of 'Abigail’s Story' which exemplifies the ‘stopwatch’ sfx, common to all four podcasts; a narrative technique intended to enable our young audiences to interact, through group discussion, with the questions raised by the characters and their actions.

Pintsize Founders Mary Green and Ian Court - first day of recording
Rofl Studio, Nottingham



The four podcast versions of our most popular and highly acclaimed projects, available from September 2020 are:

‘Sam and Olly’ (based on 'Olly’s Olympics’)
Years 5 – 8 on childhood obesity and domestic violence

The central message of this podcast is clear: ‘You should never worry about the way you look – but you need to know that the way you look might indicate that there is something going wrong with your health – and that, you should not ignore’ Students listening become counsellors to 11 year old Sammy, his grandmother Olive and father Wayne as they struggle to make the positive changes they need to, in their individual and family lives. 

‘Karen and Lee’ (based on ‘Kids Having Kids’)
Years 9 and above on underage teenage pregnancy and consent to sex 

Karen and Lee at 16 and 19 years of age respectively, find themselves to be the parents of a baby girl, Sally. Listeners intervene to give them, with the help of Karen’s father John, the best advice they can in relation to responsible parenting and the risks encountered by underage, unprotected sex. The podcast also examines the role alcohol plays in relation to consent to sex.

‘Abigail’s Story’ (based on ‘LUVU2’)
Year Group at school’s discretion, on online safety and CSE awareness 

Listeners become detectives in unravelling the secret online and later real life, relationship between 14 year old, Abigail and her 19 year old boyfriend, Jonno. Is he who he says he is and what are the clues that Abigail is not in a loving, healthy relationship but in very considerable danger? Listeners have to work fast and think fast if the are to find the evidence they need, to persuade Abigail to speak out. 

‘Rosie’s Story’ (based on ‘I Want! I Want!’)
Years 5-8, on alcohol awareness and hidden harm

Listeners encounter Rosie, an apprentice female garage mechanic on her 18th birthday as her two fellow mechanics Mickey and Mikey put her under increasing pressure to celebrate becoming an adult, by getting drunk. She obviously does not want to, but won’t tell them why. What are the dangers of alcohol misuse for the individual at work and at home and why does so much of the harm caused by alcohol within the family, remain hidden? 

All audio podcasts are designed to fit inside a single lesson but we anticipate that (with classroom discussion and follow up, using the associated classroom resources) a double lesson will be required for each project delivery.

We hope that many of our school supporters will consider this exciting, new podcast option for their students in the coming academic year – please note that this is an annual subscription service, details on request, and that new podcasts will be added at no extra cost, as the year progresses. 

Please contact ian@pintsizetheatre.co.uk if you would like further details.

Mary Green recording the part of Rosie in ‘Rosie’s Story’ August 2020