Prodigal Son

‘Prodigal Son’ is a play for older teenagers aged 14+, which addresses the relationship between illegal drug use, dependency and crime.

The play focuses on the relationship between Marge, a recently bereaved pensioner and Anthony, her 16 year old neighbour whom she has known and cared for as a child. She discovers that Anthony is stealing from her, which forces her to confront the role drugs have played in the lives of those she loves.

This forty minute play is accompanied by a forum theatre workshop and support resources which pose difficult questions about why people need, or choose to take legal and illegal drugs; its aim is to illustrate the damage caused to relationships by their long term use.

Please note that this play contains strong language and direct references to drug taking.

Steven Mair as Anthony, and Joanne Hutchinson as Marge

Audience Comments

Teacher/Staff Responses

‘A quality piece of theatre, delivered very professionally. The company dealt extremely well with our more challenging students and have had considerable impact on their learning. Many thanks.’
Wheldon School, Gedling

‘A hard hitting play with excellent follow up. The best piece of PHSE we’ve ever had. Realistic and superb. All the staff who attended felt likewise. Thank you.’
Rushcliffe School, Nottingham

‘I thought the hot seating and role play was excellent and the whole experience complimented the work we have done on drugs in our PHSE programme.’
Chilwell School, Broxtowe


Student Responses

‘It was fantastic!’
West Bridgeford Comp, Yr 10

‘A brill way of getting information across to our age group without us getting bored and feeling nagged at.’
Portland Comp, Worksop, Yr 10

‘Excellent characterisation and obvious brilliant research, thoroughly engaging and issues cleverly portrayed.’
Tuxford Comp, Newark, Yr 12

Ian Court as Anthony