Kids Having Kids

‘Kids having Kids’ is a play about sexual health and teenage pregnancy for students in year 9 and above.

Karen Smith is a normal 15 year old teenager living at home with her parents. The only thing that makes her different from her friends is that she is also a mother. The play tells Karen and her boyfriend Lee’s story as they reflect on their actions and the decisions they have taken which have changed their lives forever.

The play asks difficult questions about how teenagers exercise choice and accept responsibility in terms of their relationships and sexual behaviour. It aims to increase awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences of becoming a parent at a very young age.

Allan Foxton and Leah Cashill

Audience Comments

Teacher Responses

‘An excellent production that has enhanced the PHSE programme on sex education – well done!’
William Crane School, Nottingham

‘Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed by both tutors and students. Thank you!’
Chilwell Comprehensive

‘An excellent presentation which brought together a whole range of issues relating to teenagers/sex/relationships. It was thought provoking, relevant to the age group and accessible without being patronising.’
Bramcote Hills Comprehensive


Student Responses

‘I think that the play was brilliant and it probably helped many young people with decisions!’
Rushcliffe Comprehensive, Yr 9

‘I thought the play was brill – it was funny and serious!’
Henry Mellish School, Bulwell, Yr 9

‘I felt like we really had a chance to be involved and the actors were very realistic performers.’
Fernwood Comprehensive, Wollaton, Yr 9

James Appleyard as Lee and Angela Tervit as Karen – 2003 tour