Abigail’s Story

A 1-hour interactive drama workshop and resource pack which looks at issues around online grooming awareness, internet safety and child sexual exploitation. (Aimed at years 6 – 10 please note this workshop is adapted at the point of delivery according to the age of the audience: devised Summer 2017)

Jonno and Abigail are both teenagers, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, they met online but have now begun to meet in real life. They love and care for each other, very much – or do they? Not all is as it seems and14 year old Abigail needs help to recognise that the boyfriend she loves and trusts is not whom he seems. In an  interactive drama workshop lasting around 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, the students are encouraged to pick up the clues which Abigail has missed, to help her understand that she is in a dangerous and unhealthy relationship and that she must speak out if she is to protect herself.

This is an interactive drama workshop version of ‘LUVU2’ our mainstream, award winning secondary play and workshop on CSE awareness and online grooming  which has toured to great acclaim on five previous occasions since 2013. This version has been adapted as a shorter interactive drama workshop and looks at and raises awareness of the following issues relating to students, internet safety and CSE:

  • What might constitute an unhealthy relationship online and how risks online might be translated into risks in real life. This will include an emphasis on understanding the risks involved in social networking, and how images and words posted online, are in a public not private space. It will put particular emphasis on how people can pretend - online - to be other than they are in real life.
  • What might constitute sexual exploitation. This will include references to and discussion around virtual and real world exploitation and the dangers of posting images of oneself online.
  • How CSE happens and how easily it can happen to any child or teenager. This will include reference to and particular emphasis on, the role and tactics of the perpetrator/groomer
  • Who should or might take responsibility around addressing issues relating to CSE. In addition to highlighting pathways to support agencies and protection, the project will also encourage children and teenagers to look out for their friends and to access support in the school environment, if they are worried about them.
  • What to do if a child or teenager is approached in an inappropriate way – who to tell and how to safely seek help.
  • How CSE is everybody’s responsibility and how professionals such as teachers and youth workers might take measures to keep children and teenagers safe
  • The short and long term impact of CSE on families and friends.


Contact Pintsize Theatre Company Manager Ian Court if you would like to proceed with a booking. Cost to venue £295 (no vat applicable) per performance/workshop


Cast of ‘Abigail’s Story’ with Writer/ Director Ian Court co-founder Mary Green and (to right of picture) co-founder and trustee David Whittington. Morna International College, Ibiza April 2018 - our first performance outside the U.K.

Teacher Comments

‘Amazing – thanks to all three of you. Another powerful performance – thank you! The way you built the story around the pupils’ discussion kept them constantly thinking and ‘looking for the clues’. Some of the reactions to key moments were fantastic and clear evidence of how the children were impacted by the characters and the situations developing. Some of the conversations that followed demonstrated that all children had learnt about CSE, online dangers and what they will do should they face similar situations. I would book this whenever possible for all Year 5/Year 6 children’
Jo Eggleston, Year 6 teacher, Robert Mellors Primary School, Arnold

‘The feedback on our evaluation sheets was fantastic, I thought it worked brilliantly in that format.  Thank you so much for your professionalism and dedication.  We would be lost here in the PSHE department without you and your team’
Alice Carlyle, Head of PHSCE Nottingham Emmanuel C of E Academy 

‘This is a huge task and my answer reflects how much further we all have to go in terms of preparing our children to face these risks. Well done to Pintsize Theatre for helping us to start that work at an early age with our primary school students’
Staff Response, Melbury Primary School, Nottingham

‘Brilliant! This was not easy to watch but the children reacted brilliantly and took it so seriously. A real contribution to keep children safe. Thank you!’
‘Fantastic play – subtle enough but made the children learn and think’
Willow Farm Primary, Gedling

‘Brilliant workshop’
Head of PHSCE , Bluecoat School, Aspley

Student Comments

‘I liked how they kept on asking about the risks and dangers’

‘I thought that the actors made it feel really real and emotional’

‘It was very good because it was like it was real. Thank you!

‘I found out that accepting strangers’ friend requests is not mature. It really helped me understand the risks online’

‘Thank you for the performance because it shows me to be more aware what can happen. Thank you’

‘The acting was brilliant and it helped by talking about it and finding clues. Thank you’

‘I liked how we got to talk to the person next to us, the way it was set up was amazing. It gave a clear understanding of the risks’

‘It was really good because it was based on a story that looked realistic. It’s good to know now before secondary. I really liked how we were included. They made it clear about what could happen. The actors stayed in role and were confident’

Connor Bailey as Jonno and Jess Wheeler as Abigail. 2018 tour Abigail’s Story

This project has been funded by The Jones 1986 Trust, The Sir John Eastwood Trust and The Winifred Eileen Kemp Trust as well as many individual schools Thanks go to them for their brilliant support in enabling us to address these difficult issues.