Edinburgh Fringe Visit 2019

Review of Edinburgh Fringe Performances of 'LUVU2' Theatre 3 at The Surgeons' Hall, 19th to the 24th August 2019.

Pintsize Theatre does not create 'stand alone' plays but we do try to devise gripping and enthralling narratives so that, even without the follow up workshop element - which always accompanies our work in schools - our young audiences will be intrigued, entertained, enthralled and challenged.

'LUVU2' was developed in 2013 with help from a myriad of CSE support agencies and most significantly, Nottinghamshire Police; its aim was to encourage teenagers (Year 9 and above) to become aware of how easily CSE can occur online and in real life. Unfortunately its funding was lost in early 2018 but we have since reinvented it as a highly praised 1 hour workshop called 'Abigail's Story'.

In order to give 'LUVU2' the final send- off it deserved, we took it up to The Edinburgh Fringe in the summer of 2019 and the reviews are below (the first is from an official Fringe Reviewer and the other three from audience members). Theatre in Education often flies under the radar of many in the arts world, so it was gratifying to receive so much praise for our production.

Profound thanks to all the trustees, friends and supporters of Pintsize for enabling us to promote the work our charity does and in also giving us the opportunity to showcase what we do, on an international stage.

Ian Court
Pintsize Theatre Manager
Writer/Director 'LUVU2'


Brightside Comedy (Official Fringe Reviewer)

'This show is a hidden gem. Excellently acted by Connor Bailey offering a fantastic look at many different, complex characters making them all seem interesting and distinct. Jessica Wheeler offers a beautiful counter with her intense and desperate performances in contrast to the innocent and troubled teen that really hit a nerve and will stick with me. The fast pace, interesting staging and finely crafted message in the show is very captivating and well written, with a great climax and thought provoking cliff hanger I would highly recommend this show'

Audience Responses

'Fantastic show! I really enjoyed this piece of theatre. I loved how informative yet entertaining this piece was. Actors full of energy from start to finish. Highly recommend' 

'Great show that deserves a lot more attention. Picked it at random and was impressed by the creativity of the writing and staging and especially the energy brought to the performance. A brilliant and funny piece of theatre with an important and serious message!'

‘We saw this yesterday, absolutely riveting, brilliantly written and acted. Don't miss this totally absorbing play’

Pintsize Theatre cast and crew from left to right:
Mary Green (Founder), Ian Court (Writer/Director), Jess Wheeler (Actor) and Connor Bailey (Actor) - Royal Mile 2019
Connor, Jess and Mary outside the venue
Connor Bailey as Callum and Jessica Wheeler as Lucy