Karen and Lee

A 1-hour interactive SRE drama workshop and resource pack which looks at issues around consent to sex, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases with particular emphasis on the role alcohol misuse can play in risk taking and abusive behaviour. (Aimed at years 8 – 10 please note this workshop is adapted at the point of delivery, according to the age of the audience.)

Jess Wheeler as Karen and Connor Bailey as Lee – 2019 tour

‘Karen and Lee’ is intended for performance in secondary schools and community venues September - October. This one-hour, interactive drama workshop (based on our long running play ‘Kids Having Kids’) is supported by a resource pack with related exercises and activities to be used by teachers and students as part of ongoing SRE and alcohol awareness work. This workshop focuses on the fact that in the UK today, many teenagers experience their first sexual encounter whilst under the influence of alcohol; the project investigates the potential consequences of unprotected sex at an early age. Its intended outcomes are as follows:

  • To explore the role that alcohol can play in leading young people into risk taking  and/or abusive behaviour, particularly in relation to sexual relationships and parenting.
  • To raise the issue of what ‘consent to sex’ means when one or both partners are under the influence of alcohol.
  • To raise awareness of how peer pressure, low self-esteem and life expectations can lead to alcohol related risk-taking behaviour and the coping/avoidance strategies available to deal with such pressures.
  • To clearly illustrate the potential health risks and risk of pregnancy related to unprotected, underage sex and to define the legal, personal and social implications resulting from this behaviour.
  • To raise awareness of the short- and long-term consequences of underage teenage pregnancy and parenthood for individuals, families and society.
  • To promote questions relating to the definition of responsible parenting (particularly in relation to fatherhood) and the role that alcohol can play in damaging the emotional and physical health of families.
  • To promote awareness of local and national sexual health and alcohol treatment/support services available to young people and the basic principles of confidentiality embedded in these services.

‘Karen and Lee’ like its predecessor ‘Kids having Kids’  is a project which asks difficult questions about how teenagers exercise choice and accept responsibility in relation to their own sexuality and alcohol use. In this interactive drama workshop students are encouraged to develop a heightened awareness of the consequences of becoming a parent at a very young age and to devise the interpersonal strategies necessary in order to develop a responsible attitude towards alcohol use and sexual health.

‘Karen and Lee’ is designed to fit inside a single lesson and is interactive throughout delivery, inviting audience members to become counsellors, assessing risk and giving advice and support to the teenage parents in the story.