I Want! I Want!

A 40 minute play, workshop with resource pack which looks at issues around alcohol and the family, particularly in the context of the 2008 Drug Strategy ‘Drugs: Protecting Families and Communities’. (Aimed at years 6 – 8 with the intention of accessing both parental and student audiences, devised January 2009).

What does it mean to grow up in a community where damaging levels of alcohol consumption are accepted as ‘normal’ and within a family in which parental attitudes accentuate rather than challenge problematic alcohol use?

’I Want! I Want!’ focuses on four separate birthdays in the life of Rosie, a young female motor mechanic who is being put under enormous pressure to get drunk on her 18th birthday. During her story, she reflects on her past birthdays and on the damage which alcohol has already caused her and her family; particularly on the rising incidence of female binge drinking and the impact on her friends.

The aim of the project is to honestly reflect the challenges, misconceptions, anxieties and concerns of both young and old in relation to alcohol and to create a resource which allows for sustainable PHSE enrichment in relation to this.

All aspects of the project are designed to be accessed by both parents and children with the aim in mind of facilitating parent/school/young person discussion on alcohol misuse and the coping strategies and support options available to these groups.

Please Note: For our secondary school venues a ‘How to Make…’ DVD resource accompanies our normal worksheet resources which will help GCSE, A Level and BTEC students consider the processes they might utilise to create their own alcohol/drug awareness based dramas for Year 6 – 8 audiences.

Kristy Guest as Rosie and Charlotte Sanderson as Lola – 2009 tour

Audience Comments

Parent Responses

‘Really good, a must for every year six child.’
Netherfield Primary, Nottingham

‘Very impressed with the performance and workshop. A good balance of humour, to the point, but simple enough to get the message across.’
Portland Comprehensive, Worksop

‘I found this to be a very strong and informative play and attended as both a parent and governor. It was interesting to watch different reactions from boys and girls to the subject. A very emotive play with useful pointers.’
Sonya Hurt, Chair of Governors Berry Hill Primary, Mansfield


Teacher Responses

‘A very thought provoking and powerful production which was performed sensitively and to a high standard.’
Broomhill School, Hucknall

‘A fantastic, realistic production. Very relevant. Thank you.’
Rosebrook Primary, Mansfield

‘An amazing play! The whole subject of how alcohol can affect families was tackled in such a mature and accessible way for the children. They were ‘buzzing’ when they came out of the hall and the discussions that followed were fantastic.’
Willow Farm Primary, Gedling


Student Responses

‘The workshop helped me to understand properly about alcohol. The acting was brilliant.’
Ollerton Primary, Ollerton

‘I thought this story helped me understand how dangerous alcohol is and how it could effect your family and friends. I thought it was amazing and funny. I would love to watch it again.’
Kimberely Comprehensive

‘I thought the play was fantastic and it really made me understand the dangers of alcohol.’
Abbey Road Primary, West Bridgford

Our thanks go out to Mansfield District Council, Holgate School Hucknall and Nottinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team for their support. Our special thanks go the the Drinkaware Trust for their invaluable support for this project during the 2011 tour.

Charlotte Sanderson as Lola