A play/workshop with supporting resources devised in early 2005 about the effect of legal drugs on individuals, families and communities – targeting years 9/10 and above. ‘Ash’ examines the background to the ‘binge’ culture which dominates the lives of many teenagers and adults in today’s society and the way in which legal drugs are particularly affecting the mental and physical health of our communities.

Matt, Danni and Eve are three 16 year olds starting sixth form college and encountering the many and diverse pressures and pleasures of mid adolescence. Eve is struggling to cope with the death of her father due to a smoking related illness, Danni is chronically shy and lacking in self esteem while Matt is on the receiving end of homophobic bullying which has followed him from school to college. All three friends attempt to use alcohol to cope with and manage their feelings – with ultimately violent and disastrous consequences.

In a culture in which binge/polydrug use is increasingly common, this project is intended to create a forum in which teenagers and adults can reflect on the possible consequences of their own legal drug use and the avoidance strategies and support/treatment options available to those developing a problem.

James Appleyard as Matt, Angela Tervit as Eve and Emma Dixon as Danni

Audience Comments

Staff Comments

‘An excellent provision, well delivered to students.a valuable input in our PSHE provision.’
Brunts School, Mansfield

‘Very good, targeted the reality of drinking regularly. An excellent production – hard hitting and emotional.’
Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield

‘The play was excellently presented and very professional. I’m sure the kids loved watching it and were challenged – an emotionally charged roller-coaster presentation.’
Woodlands School, Nottingham


Student Comments

‘I think that the actors were brill and it educated me and made me think of the consequences of alcohol not only to yourself but others around you e.g. family and friends. I enjoyed the play!’
Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield

‘It was so funny – I enjoyed it. It showed you what real life is about. The kind of life you don’t want.’
Matthew Holland School, Selston

‘I really enjoyed the play and workshop, and it made me think about being responsible with alcohol and cigarettes.’
Sherwood Hall School, Mansfield

Emma Dixon as Danni