Podcast Membership Plans

  • Primary Schools Membership Plan £95 (no vat applicable) per academic year
  • Secondary Schools Membership Plan £295 (no vat applicable) per academic year

Access to any membership plan is provided on an annual subscription basis paid to 'Pintsize Theatre Ltd'. Access will expire on 31st July each year.
Payment for the plans will be by BACS or cheque, so no credit card is required.

Once you sign up to your chosen plan you will receive instructions via email on how to pay.
Please contact Ian Court - ian@pintsizetheatre.co.uk - for all costings.

Please click the links below to sign up to your chosen plan.

Primary Schools Membership Plan

  • Three Podcasts:
    'Abigail’s Story'
    'Rosie’s Story'
    'Sam and Olly'
    (Appropriate for Year 6 and above but please review in advance of delivery. Some scenes and resource materials may be avoided, during delivery to younger students.)
  • Resource packs
  • Scripts
  • 'Best Practice' guide
  • Staff and student response sheets

Secondary Schools Membership Plan

  • All four Podcasts:
    'Abigail’s Story'
    'Karen and Lee'
    'Rosie’s Story'
    'Sam and Olly'
  • Resource packs
  • Scripts
  • 'Best Practice' guide
  • Staff and student response sheets
  • Additional Pintsize Video: 'What About Me?'
    This is a 17 minute film (with an accompanying resource pack) which examines the impact of illegal drug use on family life.

The four podcasts we provide are as follows:

Abigail’s Story’ (based on ‘LUVU2’)
Any year group of your choice, no younger than Year 6
Topics: online safety, CSE awareness, healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent to sex, online grooming awareness, sexting, coercive control, need for disclosure.

Karen and Lee’ (based on ‘Kids Having Kids’)
Year 9 and above
Topics: teenage pregnancy and parenthood, STI awareness, consent to sex, alcohol awareness, confidentiality and accessing sexual health services, healthy and unhealthy relationships, absent fathers.


Rosie’s Story’ (based on ‘I Want! I Want!’)
Years 6 – 8 (inc)
Topics: alcohol awareness, Hidden harm and need to disclose, sex-based bullying and sex stereotyping in the workplace, FASD and alcohol misuse, Healthy/unhealthy relationships.

Sam and Olly’ (based on 'Olly’s Olympics’)
Year 6 – 8 (inc)
Topics: childhood obesity, body image, bullying, domestic violence, importance of healthy eating and exercise, hidden harm and the need to disclose, absent fathers, parenting skills.



Mary Green recording the part of Rosie in ‘Rosie’s Story’
August 2020