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“I am writing as chair of the Child Sexual Exploitation subgroup of the CSE Cross Authority Group [Nottingham City] to thank you for your insight, hard work, commitment and passion…  The feedback in relation to the content…., the potential impact on young people’s lives and the acting has been tremendous and is to your credit. All of our group would like to wish you well, on your future ventures. Thank you so much!”

- Judith Green, Outreach/Health Promotion Lead, NUH Sexual Health Services, Victoria Health Centre, Nottingham City

(Response to Pintsize Theatre’s work on CSE Awareness - see ‘Abigail’s Story’)

Writer/director Ian Court on first day of Podcast recording - September 2020

In September 2020, Pintsize Theatre Ltd (Registered Charity 1142448) moved to an online podcast format and away from the live, touring theatre and drama workshops in schools which had established its reputation as an outstanding Theatre in Education company over the previous 22 years.

Please see the ‘TIE Archive’ pages for more details regarding our past theatre work in schools.

Pintsize Theatre’s founding objective, however, in its new online podcast format, remains the same as ever. That is, to encourage young people through thoroughly researched, engaging, fictional narrative, to become more aware of safeguarding issues and to develop a healthy skepticism in relation to the world they are growing up in. In this process, our aim is to foster enhanced insight and resilience in avoiding and coping with risks, too often encountered in the modern world. Helping young people gain a contextualized, rather than exaggerated sense of what constitutes ‘risk’, is also an important part of what we try to achieve.

‘Pintsize Podcasts’ are based on our three decades of highly acclaimed, award winning theatre in education, and are aimed at supporting RSE and PHSE in schools. Each podcast (see the Podcasts page) has its own resource pack to promote further investigation of the issues raised. All of our work highlights established pathways to help and support within, and beyond, the school pastoral care system.

The first four podcasts on this site (see Podcasts and Membership Plans pages) reflect 22 years of research and evidenced best practice, in relation to supporting and enhancing all aspects of safeguarding, in school and alternative education venues. All four podcasts have already been trialed as live, interactive drama workshops and below are typical staff/student responses to each.


‘Abigail’s Story’ 

Any Year Group at school’s discretion – no younger than Year 6. 

CSE/Grooming Awareness and Online Safety

“I thought that the workshop was of excellent quality and the students were thoroughly engaged throughout. It was definitely informative and sobering and I think it will have made a genuine impact on the students, in terms of internet safety.”

- Selston High School Academy, Broxtowe - Staff Response Year 8

“I think that it was powerful because it is basically telling you to speak out and stay safe. And it made me aware of how people online, are not always who they say they are.”

- Killisick Primary, Arnold – Student Response Year 6

‘Karen and Lee’

Year 9

Underage Teenage Pregnancy/Consent and Alcohol Awareness

“I thought it was brilliant. It was very accessible to the pupils and covered some very ‘uncomfortable’ truths, truths that youngsters don’t always have the freedom to hear/speak about. The pupils were gripped and very interested. It was fact-heavy, frank and direct.”

- Kirkby College Academy, Ashfield – Staff Response Year 9

“The play was good and very useful in an educational way. I liked the way they made it realistic and the sound effect of the baby was quite distressing to listen to. The whole piece was amazing!”

- Nottingham Academy, Sneinton – Student Response Year 9 

‘Rosie’s Story’

Years 6 – 8

Sex based bullying and alcohol awareness

“I thought that the production was brilliant! We saw the last, about online grooming and thought it was amazing – this one was equally good.. it creates something deeply thought provoking. I loved the fact that it didn’t patronize the children and was direct enough, for them to clearly understand the message of the piece. It wasn’t sanitized and therefore too vague to understand. Thank you so much and please come back again!”

- St Stephen’s C of E Primary, Nottingham - Staff Response Year 6

“I really enjoyed the play! Thanks for coming to help us understand the effects of drinking alcohol.”

- Magnus Academy, Newark – Student Response Year 7

‘Sam and Olly’

Year 6 – 8

Childhood obesity/body image/domestic violence

“This was an excellent provision which grabbed the children’s attention and taught them a great deal in an interactive and supportive way. I feel it is by far the best way I have experienced of teaching this sensitive but important issue.”

- Orchard Primary School Ashfield -Staff Response Year 6

“I enjoyed the play, as humour was used to show the difficulties people face with weight, how they feel about the way they look, and what they eat.”

- The Dukeries Academy, Ollerton – Student Response Year 8

What About Me?’  17 minute film 2004

Year 11 and above.

(Please note that this film contains very strong language, scenes of violence and drug taking- viewing by staff prior to delivery, is essential)

The effects of Class A drug use on family relationships and 'hidden harm'

‘This video is by far one of the best contemporary source materials to use in addressing social issues surrounding Class A drug use. The emphasis on the perspective of a younger sibling of a user is a powerful emotional approach’

John Berridge – Chair of Nottinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team & Former Assistant Director of Education 2004

‘A brilliant British film about drug addiction and its effects on a family. It’s an issue film and is heartbreaking, honest and fantastically acted'

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