Additional Users

How to add Additional Users in five easy steps.

It is anticipated that all secondary schools (and some large primary schools) will wish to do this.

If schools are planning for more than one teacher to stream podcasts, in different classrooms, on the same day, at the same time of day - the following steps need to be taken.


  1. Once the lead contact at the school (normally the Head of PHSCE) has been activated as a subscriber to Pintsize Podcasts via our website, they should send a list of names to identifying members of staff who will shortly be applying via our website for ‘Additional User’ status.
  2. The lead contact at the school should then email the link (see below) to the individual staff members in the school, who wish/need to become Additional Users.

If you are a Primary School, the link is:

If you are a Secondary School, the link is:

  1. Each individual member of staff needs to sign up by using their personal school email (not that of the main contact or the office).
    No two emails on our site should be the same.
  2. Each individual member of staff then needs to make up a personal password, specific to their personal email (a memorable one).
  3. The Pintsize Podcast administrator ( will activate each applicant's access as soon as he receives their request via the above link.


Please note:

  • There is no charge to add additional users.
  • Unless you add Additional Users, only the lead contact at the venue can stream a podcast.
  • Each user of the site must use their own distinct school email and a password of their own choosing.
  • No two emails on our site should be the same.