Tour Details

This summary of Pintsize Theatre’s achievements represents the final 10 months of touring, leading up to UK schools being locked down in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Please reference our ‘Podcasts’ page for alternative Pintsize projects available in the 2020 -2021 academic year.

Summer Term 2019 saw Pintsize Theatre launching the ninth tour of I Want! I Want! its highly successful play and workshop on mental health and alcohol awareness, targeting Years 5 - 8. This play also reflects on many issues around gender discrimination, bullying, self-esteem as well as domestic violence. Responses from the well over four thousand staff and students who saw it, were uniformly positive:


‘I thought that the production was brilliant! We saw the last play/workshop about online grooming and thought it was amazing – this one was equally good. The scenery, actors, music and script were powerful in coming together. It creates something deeply thought provoking. I loved the fact that it didn’t patronize the children and was direct enough for them to clearly understand the message of the piece. It wasn’t sanitized and therefore too vague to understand. Thank you so much and please come back again. P.S. As a theatre lover, I also really appreciate that the children had an opportunity to experience high quality drama in school’

Year 6 Teacher Response, Sneinton C of E  Primary, Nottingham

Connor Bailey as Mikey, Chloe Crump as Mickey and Jess Wheeler as Rosie. Summer Term Tour ‘I Want! I Want!’ 2019

The autumn term of 2019 witnessed a brand new development for the company with the launch of Karen and Lee an interactive drama workshop version of our extremely long running and highly acclaimed play Kids Having Kidsabout teenage pregnancy. Although, after 18 consecutive years of touring, it was sad to see the original play finally come to its concluding performance, it was immensely satisfying to see it evolve into a 50-minute drama workshop. A workshop ranging over such issues as consent to sex and alcohol misuse, which received equally positive plaudits, from all who saw it, over its 61-session run.

This student comment was particularly gratifying and insightful:


‘I liked learning about serious things through a performance. The performance I watched made me think about real issues that occur in our society today. Theatre in Education isn’t like a normal performance where things that are acted out are for entertainment purposes only. I liked how everyone actually learnt and took something from the performance, unlike other pieces where the audience doesn’t interact with the performers’.

Year 10 student, Nottingham Academy – Sneinton Site

Kai Bools as Lee. Autumn Term tour 2019 ‘Karen and Lee’

In the Spring Term of 2020, our interactive drama workshop on online safety Abigail’s Story managed to be delivered 58 times just before Lockdown was declared in late March. This was the third tour of the project and once more we received extremely positive feedback:


‘A hard hitting but amazing workshop! It really made everyone think about how they use social media and, most importantly, the ways we can keep safe in this technological society in which we live. Thank you – because you have given my class the skills they need to keep safe!’

Year 6 teacher, Heathlands Primary, Mansfield


Despite the difficult financial circumstances and logistical challenges which all performing arts based are now facing because of Covid-19, Pintsize Theatre is fortunate in the range and depth of support and encouragement we have received -now over four decades!

Although we pride ourselves on being a Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County company, our work in recent years has expanded as far afield as Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire; however special mention must go to Morna International College in Ibiza which retains the record for our ‘furthest away’ venue. We certainly hope that our venture into Pintsize Podcasts will allow us to retain a working relationship with all, during this extraordinary time of pandemic, but we sincerely hope it will not be too long before we meet again, face to face. 

Best wishes to all our friends and supporters!

Please contact the Company Manager, Ian Court for further details regarding Pintsize projects:

Mark Townley as Jonno and Megan Leah Nixey as Abigail
‘Abigail’s Story’ Tour Spring Term 2020