Tour Details

2017 ended for Pintsize Theatre with 2 tours of extant TIE projects. September to October 2017 was taken up with the eighteenth consecutive (and extremely well received) tour of ‘Kids Having Kids’, our play and workshop on teenage sexual relationships and alcohol misuse for Years 9-10. With support from local charities and many individual school venues, the company was able to provide 40 performances of the play in Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire county.

Staff at Quarrydale Academy in Ashfield commented:

‘An excellent performance which captured every child’s attention for the full 2 hours. Thank you!’

These responses to ‘Kids Having Kids’ from two Year 9 students at Fernwood School and Nottingham Academy respectively were typical of many:

‘Great play! Taught me lots of valuable things in life. I am definitely not being a dad at 15!’

‘I think it made people think about their futures. I think it warned them about the consequences.’

Connor Bailey as Callum and Jess Wheeler as Lucy in the 2017/18 tour ‘LUVU2’

November 2017 to March 2018 will be taken up with 103 performance/workshops of our internet safety/CSE awareness play and workshop ‘LUVU2’: this will be the project’s fifth tour and it has so far received equally positive feedback to all others.

This comment from Selston High School is typical of many:

'Fantastic performance. Really engaging and informative delivering important messages. Thank you!'

Developed in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police, the safeguarding teams in the city and county and a myriad of child protection agancies, ‘LUVU2’ has received universal praise summed up by this Year 10 student from Southwolds Academy, Keyworth:

‘The play was so good and the actors were amazing, especially seeing as they were presenting a serious issue. I discussed it with my friends after, and we all agreed how good the story was at getting across the message of how controlling these people can be. I feel now, I could be ready if this was to ever happen to someone close to me. It's all very well our teachers telling us the people we could go to if this was to ever happen, but the issue presented in a theatrical way, impacted more on me personally. Thank you for your time.'

On November 22nd 2017 the project gained national recognition by achieving ‘Highly Commended’ status at the UK’s Children and Young People Now Awards in the BEST PHSE CATEGORY – a huge achievement for such a small company and our thanks go to all the schools, agencies and individuals who have contributed to our success over so many years!

On the back of this success, 2018 will see Pintsize Theatre launching the fifth summer term tour of ‘Olly’s Olympics’ its highly successful play and workshop on childhood obesity and bullying, targeting Years 6 - 8. Despite the difficult financial circumstances which Pintsize and all arts based agencies face in the present climate, funding again from local charities and individual schools should enable us to put together a tour of at least 30 performances which will be in primary and secondary schools throughout Nottingham City and the county, May to July 2018.

 The Autumn term of 2018 will hopefully see revivals of both ‘Kids Having Kids’ and ‘LUVU2’.

In these difficult times, Pintsize Theatre remains committed to touring extant projects of evidenced value and devising new forum theatre based on the first hand experiences and concerns of communities and individuals of all ages and backgrounds in the East Midlands.

Many thanks go to all those agencies and individuals who have given us their support so far and have allowed us to go on into 2018 contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

Please contact the Company Manager, Ian Court for further details regarding Pintsize projects

Connor Bailey, Jess Wheeler and Chloe Crump in the 2017 tour of ‘Kids Having Kids’